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Programme de Recherche Interdisciplinaire sur la Médecine et l'Utilisation desSoins

“The first (objective) is to optimize the health of the population by employing the most advanced state of knowledge about the causation of disease, illness management and health maximization. The second and equally important goal is to minimize the disparities across population subgroups so that certain groups are not at a systematic disadvantage with regard to their access to health services and achievement of optimal health.” Barbara Starfield (1998).

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The Programme de Recherche Interdisciplinaire sur la Médecine et l'Utilisation des Soins (Interdisciplinary research program on medicine and health care utilization) unites expertise in the fields of medicine, biology, epidemiology, psychology, mathematics, biostatistics, geomatics and computer science. With a population health perspective, the PRIMUS group is interested in chronic diseases, mental disorders, aging and perinatality, therefore addressing family medicine as well as many other specialities in medicine such as geriatrics, psychiatry, cardiology, rheumatology and obstetrics. Based on actual population health data (health outcomes), the researchers from this interdisciplinary group have the common mission of advancing scientific knowledge on population health, transferring this knowledge to policy makers and health care providers, improving healthcare services to the patients and, in the long term, improve the health of the population.

Researchers of the PRIMUS group are Alain Vanasse, Pasquale Roberge, Catherine Hudon, Isabelle Gaboury and Alan Cohen. With a variety of research approaches, their wide-ranging projects tackle topics extending from physiology to clinical practice, and including epidemiology, geomatics and evaluative research.

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Réseau de recherche en Santé des populations du Québec RRSPQ
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Université de Sherbrooke
Centre de recherche - CHUS (Centre hospitalier universitaire de Sherbrooke)
Centre de recherche sur le vieillissement

Private Partners :
"Prends soin de toi" program (AstraZeneca)
Merck Frosst Canada

K2 Geospatial

Research on anxiety disorders in primary care led by Professor Pasquale Roberge.

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